Friday, March 4, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is paul mcdonald! what? who??? who is paul mcdonald?! you will have NO clue who he is, unless you watch american idol. the 10th season of 'idol' has just started, and paul has made it to the top 13 contestants. i  him, he's soooo good. he has such a unique/different voice (kinda like paolo nutini, if you know who that is). he's not a big famous celebrity (yet), so i don't know a lot about him, therefore i don't have a lot to write about.... and it was hard to find pics of him online. all i can say is that i LOVE his voice, he kinda looks like bradley cooper, and his teeth are incredibly white.


paul has a band called 'the grand magnolias'. 
here is his latest performance on american idol - singing maggie may by rod stewart
(the producers of idol remove videos from youtube often, so i doubt this will be up on youtube long).