Wednesday, March 16, 2011

random musings...

have you ever watched the show 'who do you think you are?'. they choose a celebrity, then trace their ancestry (usually back to europe) and take them to see where their family was from. the show is always trying to push encourage you to sign up for so you can trace your own ancestry. well, i never signed up because it costs money.... which i think is ridiculous. that information should be free for the public. anywho, now they are doing a free trial period. how could i pass that up? i signed up, and now i'm addicted. am i a dork? yes, i am. i've traced family back to the late 1700's. crazy, huh?!
this is my great-great-great-grandpa
taken in the 1880's in atlanta, ga
(i cropped him out of a bigger pic)
he emigrated from england to america in 1867.
this photo was taken at a very prestigious international ceremony where he was awarded a medal for "best international moustache originating in the united kingdom".
i wish, so badly, that last sentence was true.

i already knew i had a ton of family from england, but i also found out i'm french! i was pretty thrilled. i couldn't wait to tell hubby! (i had been on the computer, in bed, forever. he was doing some music stuff in the other room). this is how the conversation went, when he came to bed:
me (overly excited): "I'M FRENCH!"
hubs (laughing): "ooooookay"
hubs: "that explains why you love french...."
me (interrupting him): "FRENCH TOAST! yeah, i love french toast!"
hubs (laughing again): "uhhhh, no. i was gonna say french - the language."
me: "oh yeah, i love that too"
hubs: "that's cool. i'm happy you're excited. good night!"
me: "bonne nuit!"
hubs: (totally quiet. probably rolling his eyes wondering how/why he ever married me)

aside from being english and french, i am also scottish, welsh and irish.

speaking of irish....
dear colin farrell, i'm irish too. just saying. if you want to celebrate our people's holiday st. patrick's day together, give me a call baby ;) 

speaking of babies....
my friend posted this story on her facebook yesterday. she was at a fabric store, walked up to the register, the cashier lady said "how old is your baby?". she answers. cashier says "oh, are you breastfeeding?" uhhhhhh, are her and i the only people that think that is a really weird question to ask a stranger. there was no conversation before that either... that was pretty much her greeting at the register. because i'm a total weirdo i would've answered in a way that made the lady feel so uncomfortable that she wouldn't ever ask that question anyone. something like "no, but i pump and put the milk in saucers outside for the neighborhood cats. have a nice day, thanks!" 

speaking of cats....
it's my little cats birthday this weekend. i'm sure i'll blog about it. betcha can't wait, huh?!

did you find this post hard to keep up with? try being me, these are examples of normal thought processes for me! be glad you're not in my head! haha 
"if you borrowed my brain for 5 seconds, you'd be like "dude! can't handle it, unplug this bastard!" (quote, charlie sheen)

it's a sad, slow day in blog world when my entire post is rambling nonsense, and ends with a quote from charlie sheen. 

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