Sunday, March 13, 2011


mother nature is p.m.s.'ing this week... and we're all in trouble!

wildfires in oklahoma
more than 9000 acres burned. 15 people injured. 34 homes destroyed. 
at least 42 fires were reported statewide on friday (3/11/11)

wildfires in colorado
600+ acres burned. 223 homes evacuated.

flooding in new jersey
4500+ homes lost power. 
all major rivers in northeastern jersey have hit moderate to major flood stages.

massive fish die-off - redondo beach
more than 1 million dead sardines wash into king harbor.
more than 35 tons of dead fish have been cleaned out of the harbor, but officials think an equal number may have settled on the ocean floor. 

and of course - the earthquake & tsunami in japan
an 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered the massive tsunami. 
hundreds of aftershocks - more than 140 of the aftershocks measured 4.5 and higher.

as a result of the quake and tsunami, there was an explosion at a nuclear plant.
200,000 people have been evacuated within a 20 mile radius.
a state of emergency has been declared at a 2nd nuclear plant.

(as if that's not bad enough) the shinmoe-dake volcano (on japan's kyushu island) has reportedly started spewing ash and rock.
aerial shot. NOT taken today (sorry, couldn't find a new pic).

what the heck is going on?????? 
why do i have a feeling this is only gonna get worse!? :(


  1. Seriously, it's getting a little spooky!!!

  2. Did you see that movie 2012? It was a super bad movie, but it was totally like this! Scary!