Tuesday, March 27, 2012

frozen banana bites...

this is what i'm obsessed with this week-
frozen banana bites

i wanted to have some little treats in the house for when i'm having my chocolate cravings. so i came up with these little guys. they're so good. they'd be even better on a hot summer day.

2 ripe bananas (make sure they're REALLY ripe. the more freckled, the better!)
peanut butter (of course i suggest all natural pb)
1/2 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips

as i've never made these before, this was all trial and error. i lined a miniature cookie sheet (it's really small, it came with our toaster oven) with foil. i sliced the bananas, put them on the sheet and put the whole tray in the freezer. after the bananas had hardened, i tried dipping them in softened pb... that didn't work so well. so, if you're gonna make these, just dab some pb on top of the bananas - and the bananas won't have to be frozen beforehand... but you'll have to freeze them after you put the pb on them. after the bananas and pb are completely frozen, dip them in melted chocolate. i used 1/2 a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips, and had leftover melted chocolate... but i only dipped half of the banana in chocolate. if you want more chocolate, use the whole bag and submerge the entire banana bite in the chocolate. the chocolate will start to harden almost immediately because the bananas are so cold. i lined my cookie sheet with parchment paper and put the completed banana-pb-choc bites in the freezer. after they were frozen solid, i put them in a ziplock freezer bag. they're so easy, so tasty, and the perfect thing to satisfy that sweets craving. give 'em a try!

ok, so, they're not pretty. but who cares... they taste delish!

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  1. Delish!!!! We just eat the frozen bananas but I'll have to add the yummy peanut butter and choc...