Wednesday, September 21, 2011


you know what i love, love, love?!?!?

seriously. i loooove cows so much. i think they're beautiful. i love their eyelashes. i love their noses. i love their ears. i love them. i saw a miniature cow once, and i thought i'd burst from excitement. it was adorable. i would love to live on a farm and have a cow & a miniature cow. i think my favorite's are the jersey cows. i always tell hubs that i want one, and he laughs and says "a cow?? why??? they aren't fun. they don't play or cuddle". i was determined to prove him wrong, so i found videos on youtube of cows playing with balls. it made me want one even more!


i want to kiss her!

holy cow! (haha)

how can you not love them?!?!

proof that cows do cuddle! i love this pic sooo much!

i saw this video earlier this week and loved it! a jazz band was in france and stopped to play some music for the cows. the cows seem to love it!

sweet lil things.

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  1. Those are some good pics, they all look do clean :) a guy once told me I had cow eyes! Lol