Monday, September 26, 2011

freudian slip...

freudian slip: 
1.) a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious mind.
2.) an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.
3.) a verbal mistake that is thought to reveal a repressed belief, thought, or emotion.

you get the idea!

i own a shirt that until yesterday i had never worn. it's been hanging in the closet for a loooong time. i love the shirt, but wasn't sure how people would react to it. yesterday i decided, i don't give a crap what people think, i like the shirt, i'm wearing it! 
this is that shirt:

if you just saw some random girl wearing this, you probably wouldn't know who the guy on the shirt is. buttttt, since you know me... you know right away who it is. i LOVE black & white photos, i LOVE mohawks and i LOVE me some leto... therefore i LOVE this shirt! it's super soft and has distressed hems on the sleeves, bottom and neck. it looks old and worn in (not as new and crisp as the photo seems). i love it. i'm thinking "nobody is going to know who this is. unless you REALLY know who jared leto is, and you're looking REALLY closely". the shirt is baggy too, so imagine it's saggy, baggy and folded in some areas. so, i wear the shirt for the 1st time yesterday to a family bbq. i walked in the house and my mom says "ooooh is that henry on your shirt?!" haha. *note, she wasn't wearing her glasses!* my sister knew immediately who it was... but that's only because she knows me. hubs and i enjoyed the bbq and we left. on the way home we had to stop at petsmart. i was talking to a lady there (who i'm assuming was in her mid 30's - i could be totally wrong. i hate guessing people's ages) about a cute puppy she had. she said "yeah, the whole leto is cute. LITTER! the whole LITTER is cute!!!" haha BUSTED! i smiled and acted like i didn't notice. i'm guessing she recognized the person on my shirt ;)
but yes lady, i'll agree. the WHOLE leto IS cute!

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