Saturday, January 28, 2012

scalpel? check!...

if you look in my bathroom cupboards you'll find the regular stuff - cotton balls, q-tips, extra soap, razor refills, and some not normal stuff like... scalpels. have you heard of dermaplaning before? it's a beauty treatment where a trained professional (not me!) scrapes your entire face with a scalpel. it scrapes off the first layer of skin basically (peach fuzz and all) and leaves your skin soooooooo soft! if you've never had it done, you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY should find somewhere near you that does it, and try it out. it doesn't hurt, it's pretty fast and the results are amazing! i'm almost positive it can only be done in cosmetic surgery offices, and some med spas. you can't (SHOULDN'T) get it done at just any spa where you get your regular facials. my sister introduced me to this procedure a few years ago and i couldn't believe how soft my skin felt, and how smoothly my makeup went on. after having it done several times, i thought "i could probably do this myself"... then i realized i sounded crazy, and i should forget that idea. i did forget it... for a couple years, and about 6 months ago, that crazy idea came up again. i watched some dermaplaning videos on youtube, and found out what size scalpel blade they used. i went on amazon and, sure enough, you can buy sterile medical scalpels with any size blade you want! amazon is great :) you can buy heavy duty scalpels with detachable blades... but i also found some disposable guys for pretty cheap. i figured i should try the disposable guys first, before i invest in some serious medical equipment ;) anyway, i got my scalpels in the mail and took the blade to my face. it was scary, i'm not gonna lie. those scalpels are soooooooooo sharp. i got about a quarter of my face done before i 'dextered' myself - all i needed was a glass microscope slide to collect the blood! ;) of course i had to take a pic of my slice with a little blood dripping down. i immediately texted it to my sister (who, by the way, thought this was a bad idea from the beginning). i just recently deleted that pic, otherwise i would've posted it here for you. anyway, i'm not afraid of a little blood, so i kept going. by the time i finished i had a few small cuts, but nothing major. fast forward to today - i just microplaned again (3rd time in about 6 months) and i'm getting really good! no cuts today! no blood! just smooth-as-a-babies-bottom skin. 
*i don't AT ALL recommend you try this at home. but, please go get it done somewhere. you'll LOVE it!*


  1. Oh Em Geeeee!!!! I cannot believe that you did this by yourself!!!!!

  2. Not gonna lie, this scares me! Of course, I want to go get it done, now, though!