Wednesday, January 11, 2012


this might be the strangest confession you'll see on my blog. hands down ;)
i like hands. there. the end!

k, fine, i'll explain. wait, i don't think there is much to explain. some people are 'butt people', some 'teeth people', some 'leg people', whatever-whatever, all body parts are nice, but for some reason i'm always drawn to nice hands. i thought i was a little bit weird, but i keep seeing little jokes/comments online, that make me think i'm not alone. don't get me wrong... it's not some sick fetish or anything, i just find myself often thinking "wow, look at his hands!" yesterday i was browsing pinterest (as usual) and was linked to a blog where a girl was making an ottoman. her husband helped her with part of it and she posted some pictures, then said "...and he has the greatest hands! (i'm a hand girl)." WHAAAAT??? somebody get's me?!?! btw, she was right, he has great hands ;) i also noticed the bio area of her blog says "i love jesus, ..." uhhh, my love of hands can't be that weird, if someone else admits to it AND she loves jesus, right?! i think i'm safe. 
anyway, i noticed that when i was at concerts or watching live music videos on youtube, a lot of the time i'm focused on the singer and/or guitar players hands. like mesmerized by them. it just so happens that my 2 fave musicians have GREATTTT hands! how lucky for me! (have you left yet, or are you still here reading???) check 'em out.

brandon boyd

the still pictures are not nearly as impressive as watching him sing/move live. he is so expressive with his hands. here's a video from when incubus played on letterman last year.
i wish i was that microphone

then there's jared leto. not only does he use his hands while singing/playing guitar, he also has the most active hands while telling stories. i love it.


and lastly, my favorite...
hand porn.

k, so whatcha think? am i crazy?! but c'mon, you gotta hand it to me for being honest, right?! can you hand-le the truth?! haha *dork* alright, that's enough hand phrases.
anything you want to confess? :)

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