Monday, January 2, 2012


i'm SO excited! as much as i don't enjoy christmas (yeah, i know. bah-humbug. grinch. blah, blah, blah... whatever! i don't like the busy stores packed with anxious people in a hurry. the roads are crazy. everybody seems on edge. there's too much pressure, too much 'hype', too much anxiety, too much of everything negative... unless you're a kid, then it's all fun and joy!) anyway, where was i... oh yeah, as much i don't normally enjoy christmas, this year i actually TOTALLY enjoyed it. ok, most of it. ok, some of it. ok fine, i only liked the part where i got a cool camera!!!! yep, i got a REAL camera... like a 'grown-ups' camera! some VERY, VERY, nice people that i know gave me a nikon that they've used a little bit for a few years. i don't care that it's used. i don't care at all! it's a REAL camera, and it's all mine! the previous owners tried to downplay the coolness of this gift, saying "it doesn't take the best pictures in low light"... "UHHH, i don't care, i'm still excited!!!" ... "it's a little on the heavy side" ... "UHHH, are you kidding me? do you know how long i've wanted a dslr???". i've messed with the new camera a little bit the past few days, but i'm still getting to know it. i haven't opened the manual yet (probably should), but i'm more of a 'hands on' learner ;) i plan on becoming the greatest fauxtographer that blogger and facebook have ever seen. watch out! ;)
here are some pics from my first few days with the new girl. obviously, i still have a lot to learn. hopefully you'll see an improvement as i post more pics on the blog.
tiny little hummingbird

pony eye

1st attempt at messing with ISO settings

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