Friday, January 27, 2012

day 22 of 365...

ok, let's be real. i can't keep up with the 'pic a day' project. this will be my last 'day xx of 365' post. i'll still post pics, but i don't like the pressure of HAVING to post 1 every day.

the past few days i've tried some new recipes i found online. oh my lord, they are both SO good! so, so, so good! too good to not share with you.

recipe 1:

since her blog has WAY better pics than i could take, i'll let you get the recipe from her. i stumbled on the recipe a few mornings ago and realized i had all but 2 of the ingredients on hand. WIN! i made the salad for lunch that day (minus the edamame and green cabbage) and it was soooo good. she suggests buying pre-made slaw mix and shredded carrots. i don't agree at all! definitely buy red and green cabbage and shred it yourself. then grate some carrots in a food processor. if you don't have a processor, just use a cheese grater. i find that prepared veggies from the store are always dried out, and flavorless. also, she suggests using 2 green onions, i used 3 and i actually would've preferred more! so add extra, if you are a fan of 'em! anyway, i made the salad 2 days ago, and had some leftovers again today and it's still super good. i can't wait to make this again!!!!
here is my picture of the salad, obviously a lot different looking than her salad... but still delicious :)

recipe 2:

this is what we had for dinner tonight. yum-o!!! about halfway through the meal, hubs is cramming forkfuls of food into his mouth and he was able to mutter "this is a TEN!". yay!!! even without meat, he loved it! it's such a good recipe. great for vegetarians, vegans (if you leave out the cheese), and gluten-free people. i left the cheese out of mine, but sprinkled a little bit of cheese on the hubs' peppers. the recipe takes a looong time to prepare/cook, but the result is worth it. i was glad i read through a lot of the reviews before hand. somebody suggested giving yourself 2 hours from beginning to end. she was right. some other people said it's a long process but worth it because the peppers freeze/reheat nicely. that's what sold me! the recipe says the filling will fill 4 peppers, the reviewers said it fills WAY more, and again, they were right! (don't you love recipe reviewers? they do all the hard work for you. i always read the reviews before i try something new). i bought 6 good sized peppers, and still had leftover filling. next time i'll use 8 peppers (LOTSA leftovers for when i'm lazy!). i baked mine, let them cool, then individually wrapped them (in plastic wrap and foil) then put them all in a labeled ziplock baggie in the freezer. when i don't feel like cooking dinner next week, i'll defrost 1 in the fridge and bake it in the oven. simple!
this is my pic of the filling as it's cooking.
i added corn. the recipe doesn't call for it, but it was good :)

make 1 of these next week. you won't be sorry!

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