Tuesday, February 7, 2012

picture post...

i dogsat this past weekend (what else is new?! ;) i decided to take my camera along when hubs and i walked the girls, micki and willi.
here goes...

we saw something strange in the sky... see that rainbow-y thing in the middle of the picture?! (click on the pics to enlarge them, you'll see it better that way!)
it wasn't the rainbows you're used to. it didn't arch. it wasn't rainy out. it was just 5 or 6 patches of rainbow colors straight up and down.
 another shot.
 this was as far as i could zoom in. what the heck is it?! have you ever seen that before?!

happy girl, willi.

guilty girl, micki.
"i may or may not have just eaten poop. mind your own business!"

 hubs checking out the setting sun.

this next photo set is me getting caught sneaking pics of him.
what a pouter!

the moon behind naked trees.

finally back up to the house, to settle in for the night.
"jeez aunt t, thanks for telling everybody i may or may not have eaten poop!" :(

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