Friday, February 10, 2012

crush(es) of the week...

it's friday, and i haven't done a 'crush of the week' post in ages. don't worry, i haven't stopped crushing on any/all/every guy that i see, i just haven't blogged about it. 
my friend over at welovegeekchic posted a pic today of a hot guy (she's kinda boy crazy, like me). the pic came from a blog called f*ckyeahhistorycrushes - it's a blog full of historical people (guys and girls) that were/are hot. i love it! i think it's such a cool idea... it's not full of todays celebrities - we get enough of them plastered on magazines, online news sites, etc. these are people that you've (maybe) heard of... but (maybe) didn't know how good looking they were. i'll share some, with the quotes directly from the blog. (i might add some of my own comments - they'll be italicized)

"Sexy dead psychologist: Hermann Rorschach (inventor of the inkblot test).
Look at that sexy man. He has ruffled hair and his tie is a little askew. I’m sure its from being completely enveloped in his psychological studies and discoveries. Or maybe he was just being passionate with his woman. Either way, I would love for Hermann Rorschach to analyze me with those smoldering eyes."
(rorschach was hot!!! who knew?!)

"Amund Dietzel-(1891-1974), Norwegian-born tattoo artist who began his career as a sailor, before settling in the United States.  He also wore glasses. Swoon."
(i kinda see some tobey maguire in his face, don't you?!)

"Not one of the more talked about presidents and had some major beard later but a young Rutherford B. Hayes? Yes please!"

"Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), a rowdy and angsty French symbolism poet"
(rowdy, angsty, FRENCH!!!, poet, dark hair, light eyes... uh, this guy is right up my alley!!!!!)

"Mihai Eminescu January 15, 1850 – June 15, 1889
Was a Romantic poet, novelist and journalist, often regarded as the most famous and influential Romanian poet. 
In his last years, he suffered from manic-depressive psychosis. In 1883, in Romania, he was diagnosed with syphilis and G. Calinescu wrote in the poet’s biography that he had the illness since he was 20; however, a separate diagnosis done in Vienna, also from 1883, mentioned his depression but did not mention syphilis.
In 1884, he returned to Romania and appeared generally healthy. Starting in 1886, he received a few injections with mercury, which was at that time the usual treatment for syphilis.
Rumor has it, he was killed and he didn’t died from all those diseases.  
The love story between him and a married woman - Veronica Micle, who was also a poet, is really dramatic, just like a soup-opera. A lot of their friends were against the marriage between these two.
Terrible, terrible lost. I think he’s really hotttt."
(the english/grammar in the description drives me crazy. but whatever)

"Vaslav Nijinsky was the original choreographer for The Rite of Spring. The music was so rhythmically complicated that the dancers referred to it as an “arithmetic lesson.” During the performance, Vaslav stood on a chair and leaned out so far that Stravinsky had to hold onto his coat tails and shouted out the counts to the dancers, who couldn’t hear the music.
When a girl in my writing class did a presentation on The Rite of Spring, the main thing I took away from it was “Man, that choreographer was HOT.”"

"James “Jimmy” Stewart (1908-1997), a famous American film and stage actor. He once played an insane man who had a 6-foot tall rabbit named Harvey for an imaginary friend. Plus, he served in WWII and the Vietnam War. And who doesn’t love a man in uniform? :)"

and finally... this guy wasn't on the blog. but i think he's pretty darn cool, and i'm pretty sure people would've crushed on him. he was an artist, AND he was british... and look at they way he dressed!!!
my great-great grandpa, william! ;)
1885 - 21 years old

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