Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the grieving period...

we suffered a loss in our house this week. yesterday my trusty old canon powershot camera died :( oh the tragedy.  it seems silly to be upset about the loss of a camera, but seriously, 'she' has gone everywhere with me for the past 4 years and 3 months. birthdays, holidays, weddings, high school reunion, the zoo, vegas (several times!), lotsa concerts... she has been there capturing the moments i don't want to forget. she was a dependable old girl. maybe she didn't take the best pics, or the best video... but she was always in my handbag, waiting, in case i want to use her. these are the last 2 pics i took with the old girl...

not bad, huh?!

anyway, our beast cat was having a uhhh... strange... abnormal problem yesterday. hubs wasn't home, so i thought "i'm gonna take a pic and send it to him. he won't believe me unless he sees the pic". i grabbed the old girl out of my bag, turned her on, and the lcd screen was cracked. no picture shown at all. just cracks. ugh. i seriously panicked. my stomach dropped. forget the cat and his issues. THIS was an emergency! "how will i survive without a camera on hand at all times???? i can't take pics with my horrible *gasp/panic* cell phone camera!?!" (i take pics way more often than you can imagine!). it didn't take me long to start researching new cameras online (thank goodness for cyber monday shopping!). i found one on costco's website, and in 3-5 days i will be the proud new owner of a panasonic lumix zs10. i'll let you know how me and the new girl get along. :)

oh, about the cat. were you wondering what the strange problem was that i so urgently needed to take a picture of??
stupid camera phone pic

nope, not the crossed eyes... that's normal... well for him it is. yep, the 4 inches of drool hanging out of his mouth! his drooling was out of control. he normally drools a bit when he's really happy and 'massaging' blankets and stuff, but this was weird. he was walking around with drool hanging down, like a st. bernard. don't worry, we took him to the vet. he has some mouth problems, but should be alright. he got injections and has antibiotics... and might have to get some teeth pulled. seriously, it's never ending with this kid. at least he decided to get 'sick' during regular business hours this time!!! we didn't have to rush him to the after hours emergency vet. we're making progress!

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