Friday, November 25, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is mateus verdelho! model, skater, 6'1" brazilian hottie. 
maybe tats and piercings aren't up your alley... but you can't deny he has a cute face and hot bod, right?! i happen to like the body 'art'.

the gun!

*in my best jim carrey/dumb & dumber voice*
"he must workout!"

just a boy eatin' a burger n fries...
in his underwear!

oh, and this is what he looks like with a shirt on,
in case you were wondering, haaa


AND... i found a video :)

by the time you'll be reading this, i'll be on a plane. got a 1 way ticket to brazil, thank goodness it's a long flight, cause i really need to brush up on my portuguese. as of now, all i know how to say is 'obrigado'... but when he tells me 'i'm calling the cops, unless you leave my property, NOW!', i'm not sure 'thank you' will be the correct response ;)

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