Friday, November 18, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is rob pattinson!
ok, i'll be honest, this isn't MY crush, it's for all of you twihards that are rushing out to see 'twilight: breaking dawn' this weekend. don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a little rpattz here and there, but he's not on my short list of loves. i actually didn't know 'breaking dawn' was the 4th twilight movie either. GASP!!!! i was talking with a friend on facebook this week, and i told her i "wasn't really a twilight fan, but i had seen the first 2 movies, so i'd probably see the new one... but not in the theater". she said "you have to see the 3rd movie before you see the new one". oops! haha didn't know there was a 3rd movie. i then asked hubs "did you know there have been 3 twilight movies already?" and he said "yeah, we saw all 3, you just don't remember. actually, i think you went upstairs halfway through the 3rd movie." then he tried to tell me what the 3rd movie was about... but he couldn't remember. *chuckles* i'm TOTALLY not gaining new friends or followers here, am i?! ;) anyway, whether i'm a twilight fan or not... i like cute boys, and i like accents... and vampires are pretty cool too.

LOVE this sweater!!

cool shot


i'd choose the real life anti-aging vampire on the right,
any day of the week. for real.
just sayin'

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