Friday, October 21, 2011

crush of the week....

i was CERTAIN i already had this guy as a crush of the week. i looked back and couldn't find him though. i did have him on dudes and dogs back in february, so maybe that's why i was confused. either way, he deserved to be here a loooong time ago. 

this weeks crush is ryan gosling!! actor, canadian, hottie. wanna know something weird... his birthday is 6 days after mine (i kinda hate that i'm older than him by 6 days)... he was born in london, ontario, canada - i have family from london, england... he grew up in cornwall, ontario, canada - i have family from cornwall, england. it's kinda like we're long lost soul mates ;) hubs and i watched 'crazy stupid love' a few nights ago, and it's reignited my crush on ryan. after the movie hubs said "did you get a little teary eyed at the end?", i said "nope, but i DID get a little teary eyed when he took his shirt off. DAMN!". haha. (again, if i haven't said it enough... i'm SOOOOOO grateful to have a husband that doesn't mind when i make comments like that. i'd hate to have to hide those feelings inside. haha i sure am lucky.) anyway, it's a cute movie. i really liked it. i searched online for pics for this post and found a ton. i had 40 or more on my desktop that i was choosing from. seriously. i tried to narrow it down, but was having a hard time. although he looks like the same in almost all of the pictures, i still couldn't toss some out. therefore, this might be the longest crush post i've done.


for realz? you look this good leaving the airport?

if you're gonna try to tell me you didn't fall in love with him in 'the notebook', i'm gonna tell you: 
a.) you're a big fat liar 
b.) you're crazy

you know you cried at this part. don't lie.

now go watch 'crazy stupid love', or you'll be missing this:

and this:

andddd this:


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