Monday, October 17, 2011

oh my...

ok. wow. 
last week david beckham was spotted at one of his son's soccer games in LA. most soccer parents show up to their kids' game and sit in a folding chair, wearing a visor, elastic waist shorts, carrying a giant plastic cup (with possibly some adult beverage mixed in with their soda)... but that's not how becks rolls. he shows up to the game and turns it into a photo shoot.

the hair, the sunglasses, the cuffed pants, shoes with no socks.... it's all soooooo good.
becks, you're doing it right dude!


in other news... i've decided i will immediately try to get pregnant and become a soccer mom!
...but only about the getting pregnant part. i'm still in the brainstorming phase of how to become a soccer mom without having a child. maybe i can just go to the games and act like i have a child playing. i'll wear the best outfits i can find (in my unfortunate closet full of clothes that are old, but not old in a cool/vintage way. OLD... as in - i've had the same crap for more than 10 years. OLD... in a way that proves i haven't shopped since britney spears and nsync were touring together.). just in case my wardrobe doesn't attract him, i'll have to borrow someone's bulldog puppy. we know my becks loves his bulldog. and if the puppy doesn't get his attention, well, i'll have to come up with a plan B. maybe streaking across the field.

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