Friday, September 7, 2012

that ONE ex boyfriend...

some girls have that ONE ex-boyfriend that they can never fully get over. you know the one. every time they see him, they can't help but giggle and stare into their eyes... and forget about their current boyfriend/husband.

for "scar-jo" that ONE is abraham lincoln. oh sorry, the beard confused me... i think this impostors real name is jared.

yep, these 2 dated in 2004, and have had sooo many 'alleged' flings since then that i can't keep up. they've been spotted at parties "canoodling" (as the gossip tabloids say) while she was single, dating guys, and even while she was married to ryan reynolds.

"what? ryan who?..."

well last night these 2 were spotted again at the DNC. i think it's adorable that they're flirting... until you find out that she has a boyfriend :/

"what? nate naylor who?..."

taking pictures, laughing, ankle grabbing, etc. all pretty innocent, right?! right. her rep's have released an official statement: "Johansson's rep tells E! News the actress is still with her boyfriend, Nate Naylor, and insists Johansson and Leto have remained friends and what we're seeing in the photos is all very innocent."
uhhhh... hand holding & resting your head on his shoulder... yeah, you are gonna have to explain that one to nate! girl, don't worry, i totally get it. even with the abe lincoln beard... i couldn't resist him either.

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