Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fave blog of the day...

thanks to pinterest, i found a new fave blog!

it's a wonderful photography site where people submit photos from weddings. most of the pics will probably bring a tear to your eye, so grab some tissues. kudos to the amazing photographers that captured these amazing 'moments', and shared them with 'moment junkie'.

"the bride and her mother"
"It’s the end of the traditional ceremony"
"Classic bridesmaids–airing out their armpits in the break between ceremony and reception."
"the hand hold"
"The father of the bride was very reserved through the day. The bride said that he is not a man who smiles in photos. So it was a great surprise to see this heartfelt smile when he shook hands with the groom at the top of the aisle."

"the grooms vows"

"the glance"
"the don't let go"
"the tender first look"
"the emotional kiss...touching moment between the father and bride after the ceremony" 
"the goodbye mom"
"the tear running down"
"the mothers dress... the father of the bride sees the bride in her wedding attire for the first time. she's wearing her mothers dress"
"the blue eyes"

emotional grooms and emotional dads make me weepy.
i think my favorite pic in this set is "the tender first look". LOVE it!

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