Wednesday, April 11, 2012

smitten again...

i haven't posted any pics of him in awhile, heck i haven't even mentioned him in months...

yesterday i came across a pic that jared leto posted on twitter.
nothing crazy. just him at his house, eating veggie burgers with friends. i noticed the art/model/mannequin in the background, and she's wearing a helmet. i then recognized that helmet to be the one that he wore as hephaistion in the film 'alexander'. (pretty cool little keepsake, huh?! side note: if i was ever in a film or on a tv show, i'd keep everything they'd let me. costumes, set pieces, scripts, literally anything... but i'm kind of a hoarder, so that's not surprising). i wanted to verify my stalker observation, so i googled "jared leto hephaistion". sure enough, i was right. same helmet :) after looking at 2 pics of him from the movie, i became smitten all over again. i'm not sure if it's the hair, the costumes, the muscles, or what... but dang, i looooooooove the way he looks in that movie. he can be stunningly beautiful in one scene, then bearded, bloody, manly and warrior-ish in the next scene. *sigh* (i also looooved brad pitt in 'troy'. hmmm, interesting)

sword, helmet, hair, beard, arms, on a horse. *dead*

ugh. i can't even say anything else.

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