Tuesday, April 24, 2012

draw something...

if you have an iphone or android, i'm sure you have already downloaded the Draw Something app from OMGPOP. if you haven't, do it now. it's a great way to waste some free time. for those of you who have never played, i'll explain... 2 players take turns guessing each others drawing. simple, right?! yeah, unless you're playing against my mom. it's a much more complex, brain teaser game when you're playing her. it's like interpreting ancient hieroglyphics from an undiscovered culture. you need to study the picture, consider the letters that are available for guessing, and start eliminating options from there. it's tough! i'm not the most amazing artist (by far!), but i feel like my drawings are pretty easy to guess. here's my SKYDIVE drawing:

not too difficult to see, right?! airplane, clouds, guy with what looks kinda like a parachute... yeah, i definitely think anyone could figure this one out.
now, here is my moms first drawing she sent me:

hmmmm?!? thank goodness it was only 3 letters. i figured out it was a BUG! she might've drawn this with her feet. i don't want to assume anything, i'm not 100% sure.
my drawing back to her was a SOMBRERO. my poor mom. hahaha. she knew it was a sombrero, but didn't know how to spell sombrero. as i watched her many attempts to guess the drawing, i was laughing harder and harder. i was originally laying down, holding my phone. my stomach hurt so bad from laughing, that i had to sit up and hunch over my knees, just to catch my breath. sadly, i only caught 3 of her guesses with a screen capture. i wish SO badly that i could've gotten all of them... or even better, i wish i had a video replay of her guessing. it was only after about 5 wrong guesses that i thought "i need to start taking screen caps of this!!!". the more she guessed and was wrong, the faster she'd type in her next answer. it was hard to take screen caps as fast as she was guessing. she was switching letters out at lightning speed, and she kept getting the 'bonk' buzz noise. she then started guessing the same things two or three times. i could feel her frustration through the phone... and it made me laugh even harder. she finally gave up and 'pass'ed on the drawing.

she used every combination of these letters that you can imagine. she even started throwing that 'H' in there in random places. like 'SOMBARHO', 'SEMBARHO', 'SOBRERHO'. she guessed EVERYTHING except the correct spelling. it was amazing. then i texted her:

and imagining her saying out loud "are you F*CKING kidding me?" made me start cracking up all over again. after she gave up on 'sombrero' it was her turn to draw me something. this is what i got:

yeah, i had no idea either. stumped. after using one of my bombs to get rid of half the letters, i was still stumped. by process of elimination (trust me, this took a looong time!), i guessed 'angry', and i was right!!!

side note: after this, my mom called me with a question....
mom: "what do the coins do on draw something?" 
me: "oh, i think you can buy extra colors, or bombs, or something - and the bombs will help you guess answers, or get new words to draw"
mom: "ok, it just asked me if i wanted to buy some coins or bombs, so i got 10,000".
me: "wait, WHATTTTTT?"
mom: "i got 10,000 coins. it was the most they had. i figured i'd need them. wait, why? i don't really pay for them do i?"
me: "uhhhhh YEAH, you REALLY pay for them. how much was it?"
mom: "I dunno, i didn't look. i just picked the most they had"

we've since figured out that my mom bought 10,000 coins on draw something, for the bargain price of $24.99!!! hahahaha we all had a good laugh on Easter about this.
my mom is one of a kind... you gotta love her.

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