Wednesday, December 14, 2011

picture post...

a walk on a rainy day.
a few days ago we had quite a bit of rain. when there was finally a small break in the rain, i told hubs "lets go walk to the riverbed and get some fresh air!" he paused for a minute, then said "hmm, ok". we both put on our uggs (ok, they're costco fake uggs), grabbed sweatshirts, and out the door we went. about 20 seconds into our walk i realized how freakin' cold it was outside... but the crisp, fresh air felt sooo nice. i, of course, had my camera with me, ready to take pics of anything/everything i saw. i'm glad i brought it, because the riverbed is normally dry, so it looks beautiful with water running through it. thanks, rain! :)
fallen leaves

shopping cart tragedy

(i'm the goth one, in all black/dark grey)

tiniest little red leaves mixed in with the green

it started drizzling again, so we headed back to the house.
on the walk back we saw this :)

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