Monday, October 15, 2012

it's not fair...

sometimes life isn't fair. 

like, how come when i'm on a plane (which isn't often) i'm stuck next to people like this:

i never get 'stuck' next to jared leto and brandon boyd.

and then when i'm out shopping at the mall, THESE are the people that are walking in front of me... slowly... stopping in front of every store window... trying to decide between wetzels pretzels or cinnabon

it's never THESE guys that are inconveniencing me, and taking their sweet time strolling through the mall

and at the beach... don't even get me started! i always have these next few people throwing their towels down near mine:
sweet fanny pack, bro.

what is this magical beach where jared and brandon are hanging out?!?! 

it's probably better that i don't know. cause the two of them together is probably too much for my eyeballs. way too much.
these boys.


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  1. Seriously... you & I both know that we would die if this happened to wither of us! That is just WAY too much hot to handle right there!