Wednesday, May 2, 2012

date night...

hubs and i decided we were due for a date night. we spend A LOT of time together, but it's not uncommon for one of us to be watching a tv show that the other isn't interested in, or one of us will be on the computer, or texting, or reading, or anything other than actually being with each other. so, we started talking about a date night but we didn't want to get dressed up and go somewhere. we decided on a 'slumber party date night'!! obviously we live together, so every night is a slumber party... but i wanted it to have a REAL slumber party feel, like when you were a kid. we wanted pizza, popcorn, candy, pj's and a movie. i was sooooo excited to get in my pj's and eat loads of red vines and watch a movie... until i found out red vines aren't gluten free. ugh, i was crushed. we skipped the 'candy' idea, and made a backup dessert plan. 
here's our slumber party date night (oh yeah, i didn't turn the flash on for the pictures... cause how annoying would that be during our movie?!)

we got food from red brick pizza, and it was sooo good. they have delicious personal sized gluten free pizzas!! hubs decided last minute that he didn't want pizza, so he got himself a fhazani (i had never heard of them, but it looked like a pizza/sandwich/salad all in one. he looooved it) and of course we had to have root beer! :)

this was our slumber party set up on the floor! 6 couch cushions, a california-king sized feather bed, a down comforter, 5 pillows from our bed, and a blanket for each of us to cover up with :) it was super comfy!!!!!!

popcorn, duh!

our plan-b dessert. strawberries, bananas and a bowl of melted chocolate! HEAVEN!!!! (hubs had a plate of other dip-able stuff too, like peanut butter pretzels and shortbread cookies)


we watched 'my week with marilyn'


it was wonderful! no phones, no texting, no emailing... just us :) i can't wait til next date night!!! we've already talked about it. if you thought we were dorks for doing a 'slumber party' date night... wait til you see our next date night! have any suggestions for other cheap/easy date nights for the future?!?
(fyi, we didn't sleep on the floor! haha we're far too old for that. neither of our bodies would've appreciated it. after the movie was over, i put the couch back together, and lugged all the bedding back upstairs. it sucked putting everything back together, but it was well worth it!!!)